Walk the secret road of sacrifice

And all your dreams will become flesh.

You think you know the night

But the darkness hides an ocean of secrets.

The silver has a cloudy lining

Sometimes the camera sees more than special effects.

Don't be scared

This abattoir might kill you with laughter.

Inscrutably twisted

Like a Chinese Tattoo.

Welcome to Dark Arts Books...

Founded in 2006 to produce unique "sampler" anthologies which each featured multiple stories by four authors, Dark Arts Books has gone on to issue single author collections and novels as well from some of finest writers in modern horror. We've published seven anthologies, been written up in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, Cemetery Dance and Rue Morgue, and been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. To solidify our position as a serious, highbrow press, we staged the first-ever World Horror Convention Pajama Party in 2008!

Now available...The Night Mother

The Night Mother, the sequel to John Everson's 2012 Bram Stoker Award finalist NightWhere, is now available from major bookstores everywhere! The Night Mother was released in both e-book and trade paperback on June 1, 2023. Order now on Amazon.com.

Autographed copies of the trade paperback are available via John Everson's website here.

What's it about? Here's the summary:
Selena, a fallen angel, knew that once exposed, you could never escape the pull of NightWhere, a mysterious underground sex club run by beings called The Watchers. Cassie, a driven dominatrix, didn’t.

When both are drawn into the club's secret rooms that promise an ecstasy of forbidden pain and pleasure, they must somehow try to protect the men they love. Because the club's Midnight Queen, the Night Mother, has a deadly plan that may break the boundaries of our world and destroy everything and everyone they’ve ever desired...

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Now Available For Pre-Order...The Night Mother!