Mighty Unclean

By Cody Goodfellow, Gemma Files, Mort Castle and Gary A. Braunbeck

Dark Arts Books’ fifth title was unveiled at the Bram Stoker Convention Weekend in Burbank, California in June 2009!

Unwell… Cody Goodfellow wants to introduce you to a goddess who offers unsurpassed pleasure – at  an unspeakable price.

Unwise… Gemma Files wants you to see what happens when you look too closely into places and things better left unknown.

Unquiet… Mort Castle wants to play some unfamiliar music for you… the tunes of the lost and the damned.

Undone… Gary A. Braunbeck wants to take you to the edge of madness and perversity… and push you over.

From the agony of unrelenting grief to the desperation of spontaneously-combusting convicts, from the grim battle between a human monster and his otherworldy competition to the salacious secret life of Ro-Man(!).  All this and more in strange worlds vividly painted by four supremely talented authors – worlds that are twisted, cruel and mighty unclean.

Table of Contents

Cody Goodfellow
Venus of Santa Cruz
The Weak Sisters Bust Out
The Wet Nurse
Love To Give

Gemma Files
Ring of Fire
Crossing The River
The Speed of Pain

Mort Castle
Moon on the Water
I Am Your Need
Bird’s Dead
Dreaming Robot Monster
Music on Michigan Avenue

Gary A. Braunbeck
Merge Right
As It Is
War Is Over


ISBN: 0-9779686-4-2
Release Date: 2009
Trade Paperback: 262 pages


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Explicit, almost hallucinogenic … lyrical…existentially terrifying…The work of each author in Mighty Unclean is a unique literary world unto itself.


Yet another 4-author collection from the always reliable Dark Arts Books, Mighty Unclean is perhaps the most diverse one in their catalog (which can be good or bad, depending on just how strange you like your horror).


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