Violet Eyes

By John Everson

Their bites are more than deadly!

The blood of the tree is its sap. It has sustained Scott Belvedere’s family for generations. It’s the secret ingredient behind the family’s intoxicating ale and bourbon, among other elixirs. But only when Scott inherits The Family Tree Inn, deep in the hills of Virginia, does he learn anything about his family, its symbiotic history, or the mammoth, ancient tree around which the inn is literally built. And after he stumbles upon the bony secrets hidden in its roots, while in the welcoming arms of the innkeeper’s daughter, he realizes that not only is blood thicker than water—it’s the only thing that might save him from the hideous fate of his ancestors…

“Violet Eyes is old-school horror in collision with bleeding edge science fiction. This is Michael Crichton meets Stephen King. It’s a killer!”
~ Jonathan Maberry,
New York Times bestselling author of Fire & Ash

Violet Eyes was originally released by Samhain Publishing in 2013 and was also released in a limited edition hardcover by Sinister Grin Press in 2016 and in a Polish translation edition by Horror Masakra in 2021. When Samhain Publishing went out of business, Dark Arts Books reissued the novel with a new cover.


ISBN: ‎ 978-1544830155
Release Date: 2017
(Dark Arts Books Edition)
Trade Paperback: 316 pages


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This book will scare the crap out of you and keep you begging for more!


Evoking old school horror from the 80’s and 90’s Everson’s novel is also refreshingly creative and suffused throughout with palpable dread and gruesome carnage which will have hardcore horror fans squirming and arachnophobes looking for a chair to stand on assuming they survive the first chapter.


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