Sins of the Sirens reviews!

Sins of the Sirens

Sins of the Sirens, Dark Arts’ January 2008 release featuring erotic horror and dark fantasy tales from Loren Rhoads, Maria Alexander, Mehitobel Wilson and Christa Faust, has been reviewed in several genre magazines this spring and summer!

The July issue of Rue Morgue Magazine said the collection is “infused with passion, blood and magic, and its stories are seductive, powerful and terrifying.” ran a lengthy Sirens review on April 21, 2008. Here’s a teaser from the review: “So what does this anthology want us to know? Not that it is a horror-anthology; we have plenty of those. And not that it’s a book by women. (Though it most certainly is that). It’s a collection of stories about desire; desire for touch, for love, for ropes, for a lost person, for a lost child, for life… the list is virtually endless. It’s a collection about how desire can turn evil, and usually does if unchecked, but how it can also allow us to overcome great evil. Desire, in and of itself, is what pushes us to try strange new sex and interesting toys that can hurt us. It’s the danger that we desire more so than the thing itself. These four women have done a great job of exhibiting, through their art, engaging and fun stories of desire and its resultant pain and ecstasy while managing to express themselves in the bargain.”
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Dark Scribe Magazine gave the book a nod, stating:  “Overall, Sins of the Sirens is a worthy anthology that acquaints readers with four notable genre voices. It’s yet another solid addition to the growing catalog of Dark Arts Books and a fine example of the positive contributions of the horror small press. Sins’ subject matter is a perfect fit for the small press, and Everson does an excellent job catering to the specific tastes of those who like their horror on the sensual side – with just a hint of the nasty.”

David Niall Wilson posted a series of interviews with all four of the “Sirens.” You can read them on his site at site. Wilson also reviewed the book itself, with an in-depth story-by-story synopsis. Check it out in the reviews section of his site. Here’s an excerpt from his review: “My first thought in reviewing this book is that there is a level of deeply honest eroticism and fantasy to these stories that you seldom see in fiction. These aren’t stories for the faint of heart. They are also not stories men should read if they have to stand up in public. They ARE stories that will stick with you…. this is a very strong, very intense and emotionally charged collection from some of the most talented ladies of darkness working in the horror and speculative fiction fields today.”


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