Dark Discoveries reviews WHEN THE NIGHT COMES DOWN

whenthenight-180Dark Discoveries Magazine reviewed our new anthology When The Night Comes Down this week, noting:

After I slid Dark Arts Books sixth trade paperback collection out of a manila envelope and saw those four names all neatly stacked under the title, “When the Night Comes Down,” and I peeked inside to find that ten of the sixteen titles were first publications, I sat down and began to read the first story almost immediately. I was anxious to see if these four authors had delivered like their past works promised they would…

…Dark Arts Books claims to celebrate both the power of the imagination and the endless variations of what truly constitutes a horror story with their titles, and this latest collection proves them true on both accounts. I highly encourage anyone who wants to travel into a diverse realm of darkness where you can be both pleasantly fascinated and disturbed on the same page to get your hands on a copy of this book.

Read the full review at www.darkdiscoveriesreviews.wordpress.com.


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