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FAILUREDark Arts Books is reissuing the early Delrium Books releases of author and publisher John Everson. The first is the novelette Failure,  which launched a “hardcover chapbook” line for Delirium Books back in 2006.  This week, Failure was relaunched with new updated cover art as well as a new author Afterword. The original full wraparound cover art is also included at the end of the book.

To celebrate the reissue, the novelette is free this week on Amazon!

Check out the new edition here:

The story revolves around three teens, who are lured into a twisted occult plot by a wizard with the promise of sex and drugs. But they never realized that the old man’s intentions were far darker than voyeurism.

Here are a couple of the reviews that the original edition received:

Failure is one nasty tale — full of evil spells and bloodshed. It’s fast-paced and unforgettable.”
–Wicked Karnival

“…kind-of like reading a novella-length version of lyrics to a Slayer song …Failure is an impressive, fast-paced read that shoves your face into the sleaze and then takes off like a drive-by shooting. For a short story, this sucker packs quite a punch.”
–The Horror Fiction Review


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