Buy a Real Book… get an e-Book too!

At Dark Arts Books, we remain committed to producing bits of paper that have ink on them. Hopefully ink that occasionally conveys a splash of design along with a transgressive thought or two. Maybe ink that describes an image that will creep you out. Or make you laugh. We believe in killing trees to create physical archives of fiction that you can take to the beach without worrying that the salt air will fry their circuits.

All that said, we also believe in the e-book as a great ancillary delivery method allowing readers to have their whole library at their fingertips to peruse while they’re sitting in traffic. Or the bathroom. And since we’ve now finally gotten the entire Dark Arts catalogue “e-booked,” we can now finally make this offer:

Now, whenever you buy one of the trade paperbacks through the Dark Arts Website, you can also request an e-book copy of the book be sent to you at no extra charge. You bought the book — if you want to carry it around on your phone, iPad, Nook, Kindle, whatever to read during your morning staff meeting… why not? We want to bring Dark Arts to every corner of your life. So… order one of our anthologies here on the site today… and ask for a side of e-book when you place your order!


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